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Online Monitoring & Scheduling System is web-based software for Online Quran Teaching Academies which can facilitate your business and make you feel relax. Through this program student, teacher and administrator can find their schedules, lesson history, courses, invoices, profile, complaints records and much more on single click from anywhere, anytime. Administrator can also monitor all the classes in real time even on their smart phone. This software is not only efficient but intelligent enough to stop and finds clashes in the schedule. This document contains all the details and description of the Online Monitoring & Scheduling System (OMSS).


invoicing software for online quran teaching

This programme has been divided into three panels:

  1. Parent/Student Panel
  2. Teacher Panel
  3. Admin Panel


Parent panel is meant to facilitate parents and students. Parents or Students can check their regular schedule, complete class history, attendance, lesson covered up till now, lesson material, course material, learning resource, invoice records, invoice payments, complaints and complaint records.

Below is the list of options in the parent panel.

Home Page:

Home page includes the list of all students of the corresponding parent account. Parent can find all the details about schedule, profile, fee, test reports and class/lesson history of each kid. See below.

online scheduling system for online quran teaching

1. On click on Course will lead to complete course.

2. On click on history will open lesson history of the student. See below.

online scheduling system for online quran teaching

3. A click on Lesson will open the lesson taught in relevant class.

4. On click on Test Reports will show all monthly test of year.

5. On click on schedule will show weekly schedule. See below.

invoicing software

6. By clicking the profile option, the student’s profile is shown as mentioned below:

invoicing software

From main navigation bar parent can find all the courses and learning resource like namaz, wudu etc available in your Online Quran Academy.

In the main navigation bar on click over invoice will show all paid and unpaid invoice records. See Below

software developers

Invoice in red is unpaid and green is paid. By clicking on the Pay Now button, payment is made, and after a successful payment, the status changes to paid.

In the current market this web-based software will make your business more advance and attract more customers because it’s not beneficial for you only, but for the parents and students as well.

2. Teacher Panel

Teacher panel is developed to put history of class and much more. Teachers can also teach lesson with online lessons on web-panel.

Below is the detail how teacher panel works.

online invoicing system for online quran teaching

The home page will show the list of today’s class of that teacher. By clicking on history, the teacher finds the complete lesson history of that student. It will help the teacher to check the lesson where to start. It will also help the new teacher to get all history of student.

From main navigation bar teacher can see the whole schedule of week. See below.

online scheduling system for online quran teaching

Notification will show all the notification issued by admin to the teacher and application will help teacher to put leave request to admin.

3. Admin Panel

Admin panel is a see of options in this software. This is the panel from where you create user accounts for teachers, parents and other admin. Also if your organization requires other authorities we will develop accounts for floor manager, accountants etc. you can add parents, teachers, students, schedule classes, create monthly invoice, instant invoice etc.

Admin panel has full control over all accounts and has access to see all the data. Admin account also contains complete data base of students with all details and can be accessed by a single click.

The most interesting feature of admin account is monitoring system. Even if you are out of station you can monitor all classes by their status.

Online monitoring system shows you the list of today’s classes, taken class, pending classes, absents, leaves and currently running classes, class start time, end time, total duration in real time. It will also show you if teacher is waiting and student is not online or pick up call by turn the class status as waiting. This is teacher’s responsibility to change the status of class. See below.

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An other important feature of this panel is to maintain online invoice records. See Below.

website application developers

It will also give you the details about all unpaid and paid invoice and tells you about total growth and expected revenue of upcoming month. See below.

online invoicing system for online quran teaching

This is not the end of the admin panel you can find more when you explore it in working state.

We are developers and do genuine business. We develop totally customized software according to your business needs.